Peritus Childcare Sales is the leading childcare centre broker and advisor in Australia. We offer a range of institutional-grade services across all areas of childcare, from traditional brokerage and advisory through to bespoke trade area analysis. Commercial property valuation is the cornerstone of our business, with our expert team able to recognise opportunities and add value across Australian markets.

Are you thinking about purchasing a childcare centre? Do you demand expert property and business valuation from an experienced team? More than commercial property agents, Peritus Childcare Sales is the childcare industry specialist you can trust. 

Accurate appraisals of a childcare centre demands real industry experience. All of our appraisals are based on the following elements:

  • Trade area fundamentals
  • Forecast operator Profit & Loss benchmarking
  • Lease review and reversion analysis
  • Income capitalisation and DCF cash flow modelling
  • National benchmarking of market rent and cap rates

At Peritus Childcare Sales, we provide accurate and practical reports that look into every aspect of running a childcare centre. Our industry knowledge and experience will help you make informed decisions at every turn.

Peritus Childcare Sales is the only dedicated childcare agency with proprietary childcare trade area and cashflow models with a specific focus on positioning our clients assets to achieve optimal results.

Are you looking for childcare agents with experience and vision? Do you need an accurate property or business appraisal tailored to the specific demands of the childcare industry? Peter and the team at Peritus Childcare Sales use their expertise to achieve optimal results across all areas of childcare in Australia.

At Peritus Childcare Sales, our operation is backed by integrity, transparency, and lateral thinking.

Peritus Childcare Sales takes great pride in our professional approach and undeniable track record. We have the knowledge and experience required to add value in all aspects of the childcare industry. If you’re looking for the best institutional level broker and advisor in the Australian childcare market, please contact us

“A clear divergence in equivalent market yields and leasehold multiples is being reflected in the pricing of both freehold and leasehold childcare centres. Risk is now being priced-in appropriately with higher risk, higher beta centres exhibiting softer yields and lower multiples with unsystematic risk (above entire market risk) now being priced into purchasers pricing assumptions.” “ Each specific trade area must be assessed against its own fundamentals. We have witnessed adjoining suburbs exhibiting very different demand:supply fundamentals. The number of new centres will not cause over-supply if there is sufficient demand from the number of 0-5 year old residents and / or the worker population absorbing this supply.”

— 2019 Peritus Childcare Sales Investment Review & Outlook